A company formed with the intent to produce projects that cater to underserved communities.                                                                                                       
Our main focus is to create entertaining, educational, and meaningful work.  

The words “Khudi Say” have a dual meaning for us; “from the self” and “to achieve itself”, both describing our source of motivation and drive to create. The name Khudi Say is inspired by the words of South Asian poet Allama Iqbal. His works “Shikwa” and “Jawaab e Shikwa” were a way of bringing a divided region together.; to inspire humility and self accountability.; to remind a broken people that they had the power to re-build and work towards a brighter future for themselves and the generations to come. 

We, the inspired and reminded, want to act and work towards building that bright future. 


We realize that this initiative is going to need the support of our community.

We have a few projects at different levels of production. 

If you want to collaborate, hire us or just want to say hello, you can click the icon/email address bellow to reach us. 

︎  hello@khudisay.com