BUS “بس ”


One is always left in awe while traveling around the regions of Pakistan.

From the mesmerising landscapes, to the ever surprising fellow commuters.
The cyclist balancing bamboo sticks on their shoulder like a well rehersed circus act.
The motor Rickshaw with the ability to weave through still traffic.
The horse and buffalo carts that meander alongside motor vehicles. 
Then the lavishly decorated buses, trucks and lorries, adorned in the aesthetic known as Pakistani Truck Art.

Pakistani truck art is an endlessly creative form of personal and collective expression. Its vibrancy and eclecticism allows room for humour, personal recollection, religious devotion, philosophical musing, and romantic yearning.

Project Goal

Feb 2021, Zain bin Awais, artist and a creator at Khudi Say, was awarded a grant by the City of Houston through Houston Art Aliance to transform a classic yellow school bus in the aesthetic of Pakistani Truck Art. The intent is to create an ornate, mobile, art piece that celebrates the diverse community of Houston and is a source for Pakistani Pride.
Khudi say does not claim rights to the above photos used



In light of current events, with restrictions on travel and social interactions, we have had to change and delay the fabrication of the bus and were focused on ensuring the health and safety of all those envolved in the project and the community it is meant for.

However, we are hard at work and expect to meet our target in 2022.

You can learn more about the short film “TAJ”


Collaborations and Support

This is an independent initiative and it is through the generous support of our friends and community members that we hope to assist in bringing this project to reality.  

Visit our temporary shop or contact us about sponsorhips and support opportunities.